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Retail: Backes & Strauss

Ground floor

A formal premium retail space that will captivate your customers 

Striking cuboid glass display cases offer 360° visibility and optimum lighting for your jewellery. These are combined with the sleek lines of discrete display units integrated within classic bookcases, expertly crafted from the finest walnut wood.

We have selected walnut for Backes & Strauss, with its high shine finish, to impart quality, durability and luxury. Black and cream tones and fine stainless steel inlays soften the look for a classically stylish and premium buying environment.


A more relaxed space for the softer sales approach

An ambience of prestige is created by fine details such as the high gloss finish to the table reflecting the spectacular ceiling detail above. Formal bookcases contribute an air of tradition and longevity. Teamed with exquisite black couches, these provide a relaxed environment in which to entertain your most valued customers.

The luxurious walnut wood and cream effect is carried through from the Ground Floor but a flexible layout enables versatility of the space to accommodate a variety of occasions.