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Shopfitting and retail store design require a careful balance: you need to capture your customer’s attention and provide an enjoyable retail experience. You need to be mindful of your landlord’s restrictions and reservations, and you need cabinetry and a layout that is practical for your employees to work in. You may even need display units that add a layer of security for your stock.

4-Interior’s highly skilled joiners and experienced craftsmen believe you shouldn’t have to choose whether their shop fit-out looks good… Genuine expertise in joinery and carpentry mean it’s possible to deliver cabinetry and displays that do both. That’s why we ensure that our retail fit-outs result in a finish, perfect from every angle – in both looks and practicality.

We use the most up to date technology to create effects that offer optimum security and a spectacular display and have used these in premium jewellery display units and bespoke cabinetry for some of the world’s finest jewellers.

We like to really understand our client’s business and what is needed from your store so we hold a free initial consultation with you. Then, whether you need detailed technical drawings, a single display cabinet, a pop-up shop or a full fit-out of a flagship store, we have the expertise to deliver. Promising, as always, perfect precision.